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There’s a reason Ann Carden is considered a TOP Business and Marketing Consultant/Coach and the creator of “HIGH-END COACH.”

Ann has more than forty-one years of business experience. She spent thirteen years in corporate business management and twenty-eight years building businesses for herself. She has founded and built six highly successful companies for herself; selling five of those businesses.

Working as a consultant since 2010, Ann has helped hundreds of business owners grow and scale their businesses in more than thirty-eight different types of companies. Ann knows what it takes to succeed in all areas of business. She has also trained and educated thousands of business owners and professionals through speaking, workshops, and seminars.

She is also an Author for Small Business success and Marketing. She has a passion for helping coaches/consultants and entrepreneurs (providing services) have a higher level of success beyond six-figures to Multiple-6 or 7-Figures by helping them create high-value programs, attract and close high-paying clients and accelerate growth to scale their business.

Ann’s “HIGH-END COACH” is a four-pillar system (Create, Attract, Convert and Scale) for growing and scaling high-end coaching/consulting businesses and the missing strategic game-plan coaches/consultants need to skyrocket their business

The things holding coaches and consultants back in their business is a lack of clarity on what they sell, a shortage of leads and clients, not being able to convert prospects into clients and never reaching a place where there is a need to scale and leverage their business.

The inconsistency in their lead flow, getting new clients and a roller-coaster income of up one month and down the next can leave them stressed out, exhausted, frustrated and ultimately not serving at or reaching their highest level.

Coaches also under-value and under-charge for their services, trading their time for money, charging by the hour, and leave a fortune on the table with the way they have designed and structured their business.

Ann’s signature systems are built around getting and closing high-paying clients by “CREATING the RIGHT BUSINESS PLAN and OFFERS, ATTRACTING the RIGHT CLIENTS, CONVERTING PROSPECTS INTO CLIENTS and SCALING and AUTOMATING systems.

Ann’s Recent Blogs

Difficult Coaching Clients & Low Fees?

Difficult Coaching Clients & Low Fees?

🚀💰Too many COACHES & CONSULTANTS are AFRAID TO RAISE THEIR FEES and STOP taking clients who are not going to be the right people to work with. 🚀💰 Look, I get it! I used to feel like I couldn't charge more and I needed to help everyone. When I first started...

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